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Our community is made up of truffle enthusiasts, chefs, truffle hunters or simply curious.
Our goal is to share the different experiences of our “Truffle Italia” members in contact with the truffle. We want to educate and sensitize people to the correct use in truffle cooking and to promote only the highest quality.

We have created this website to continue expanding our voice on the web and responding to the need of many of our users to have a true experience in close contact with the truffle that did not end up with a simple “like” but to continue and to live beyond the network. For this reason, you can write to us today to be able to ask not only useful tips on restaurants or recipes, but also to buy truffles of guaranteed Italian origin found by carefully selected cavers.
Within our community there are over 200 truffle hunters from all over Italy who can propose the product they daily find so that in the shortest possible time you can start from the woods and come to the tables around the world. For all lovers of authentic experiences, we also have the chance to experience Truffle Italia Hunting Experience where our truffle hunters will make you experience a unique moment in contact with nature, dogs and people.
For us it is crucial to create a magma of emotions and stories between everything that is true and what is being told virtually so that our community continues over time to carry on the principles on which it was founded.

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