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Our community is made up of truffle enthusiasts, chefs, truffle hunters or simply curious. Our goal is to share the different experiences of our “Truffle Italia” members in contact with the truffle. We want to educate and sensitize people to the correct use in truffle cooking and to promote only the highest quality.

Many of us ask you to experience a true and authentic experience where you can find out where truffles are found, how the rapper’s relationship with the dog and not only is. That’s why we now have the chance for all those interested to experience truffle hunting experience where they will be able to know everything about truffles and all around the world.

Many Truffle Italia members from around the world have already experienced this experience. If you are interested write us and we will arrange a customized program for you and your needs.

For more information you can contact us directly by mail at or via the FB dedicated box chat.